The Classic Infrared

Laced Up Laces | Classic Infrared

The Laced Up Classic Infrared Shoelace features a pure white flat lace and Infrared logo aglets. Classic Infrared is an old school Nike color that has been around in limited shoes for a long time, but has never been made in shoelace form with the exception of exclusive release shoes. We decided it was time to give people the option of adding an infrared lace to their favorite shoes. 

Custom laces work best when you stay close to the same color that came with the shoe. I think the featured picture below shows the full potential of what the Laced Up Classic Infrared can do for your shoes. Use your imagination to elevate your shoes to the next level. Quality | Details | Design | Laced Up Laces. 

Every lace from the 2014 collection comes in 5 exclusive Laced Up Lengths 42"|50|55|63|72". The best way to tell which size you need is to measure the shoelace that came with your shoe.

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