Laced Up Laces Custom Shoelace Projects

We specialize in creating quality custom shoelaces for your brand, business, charity or school. We have been creating custom laces since 2012 and are the #1 search result for custom shoelaces on Google. We take great pride in the quality and design of our shoelaces and look forward to supplying you with the best custom laces on the market.

Laced Up laces custom shoelaces

Getting started:

  • Email us at with your company information.
  • Please give us a brief description of the project you have in mind. ( For example: I have a charity race and need 500 pairs of shoelaces delivered by July 1st)
  • If you have a design or logo that you want used in the project please attach it to the email to expedite the process.

    Minimum order requirements:

    • For a custom shoelace or lace lock project there is a minimum order quantity of 200 pairs, pricing will depend on the volume of the project.
    • 200 pairs is the minimum but we do offer price breaks at the 500, 1,000, 1,500 quantity etc...

    Turnaround Time:

    • There is a 4-5 week delivery estimate from the date you approve the design renderings and submit payment to the products being delivered to your desired location. 

      Here are some examples of past special projects

      Beats By Dre

      This is the custom lace we completed for Beats by Dre. This lace was a part of a special gift box they gifted to top influencers of their brand. The lace featured a black and red rope lace design with custom Beats by Dre gold plated aglets.



      Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation

      This is a project we completed for the Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation. We worked with founder George Kiel to create a special #blueknots shoelace to draw awareness to his cause in the memory of his late mother. The #blueknots shoelaces are for sale on his site to help raise money and awareness for the KCCF charity. For this design we created a blue flat lace, the color that represents colon cancer awareness, and added the "KCCF" to represent the foundation.


      Hypebeast x Puma x 1800 Tequila

      This is a project we completed for a collaboration between Hypebeast x Puma x 1800 Tequila. The three companies worked together with designer Sam Rodrigues to create a limited edition custom shoe for a promotional event and reached out to us to make the lace lock for the shoe. Below you can see a picture of the lace lock on the actual shoe.

      Hypebeast x Puma x 1800 tequila | Sam Rodriguez | Custom shoe | Lace locks