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Every once in a while a shoe releases that we can't help but get our hands on and work some 

Laced Up Laces magic. The Nike Foamposite Silver Camo released March 1st in select retaliers

and is in our opinion one of the best Foams to release in recent history. Every once in a while

a shoe releases that we can't help but get our hands on and work some Laced Up Laces magic.


The Silver Camo features a clean canvas with great accent details and colors. In our opinion 

shoes with a clean design and great accent colors make the best colorways. We design most of

our laces in much the same way trying to stick to basic designs and adding slight accent colors

to really make the lace pop off. 


As you can see from the pictures the Laced Up Black Volt Dash Lace is a perfect example of

how our laces can take some of your favorite shoes to the next level. This shoe originally came

with a grey lace which we thought overpowered the shoe with too much grey and silver. In our

opinion the best lace swaps are those that match the color of the tongue and add matching accent

colors to make the shoe really stand out. This combo is a match made in heaven.


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