Laced Up black 3m rope lace to release Saturday 7/26

Rope laces have taken the sneaker market by storm in late 2013/2014. There have been at least 10 rope lace companies that have popped up in the past year all copying the beautiful silhouette brought to us by sneaker and fashion icon Ronnie Fieg. Laced Up is the only shoelace company on the market bringing you our own version of the rope lace. We did this out of respect for Ronnie being the first to do it and because we believe in bringing our own original flare and something different to the shoe game. 


The Laced Up black 3m rope lace will be available in 4 custom sizes of 42", 50", 55" and 63" on Saturday 7/26 in limited quantites. Stand Up | Stand Out. Original designs since 2012.

Click here to check it out : Black 3m Rope Lace