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    Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Roundup

    Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Roundup

    When Adidas unveiled the Ultra Boost silhouette in January of 2015, it was marketed as the “Best Running Shoe Ever.” Since that point, it has not only lived up to that title for many, but also become a streetwear cult classic, and has donned the feet of celebrities ranging from Kanye to Jonah Hill.



    Adidas is almost finished with the second iteration of the shoe, and is moving on to the 3.0 for 2017. The sneaker includes the boost technology that we love, with the addition of a new marled primeknit construction as well as a semi-translucent cage on the upper. The sneaker also maintains the improved Continental rubber outsole that was implemented on this years 2.0 version. Best of all, adidas is releasing a full spectrum of colorways that we have included after the jump, so get your wallets ready. You can expect the 3.0 to begin hitting your local accounts around December of this year.

    For Adidas Ultra boost we recommend a 45" lace, flat or round will work depending on your preference. Click here to shop our Ultra boost recommended laces.